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PEX PVC Rubber Hose Cutting Tool

We no longer carry the pipe cutter described in this blog.  That pipe cutter has been superceded by the ATD 906 Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter.This week we stocked our online tool store with PEX PVC Rubber Hose Cutting Tools that cut hose up to one inch in diameter. We've been selling the V8 3001 Dual Purpose [...]

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Schley 88550 Fan Clutch Wrench

The Schley 88550 36mm Fan Clutch Wrench for Cummins is a universal tool has been designed to service Mercedes Benz radiator fans and pulley belts. The three-in-one design allows servicing three separate areas of repair, all of which requires a specialty tool due to their confined locations.The first component is a 10MM hex bit (91210-2) for [...]

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Sir Tools 9011 Disconnect Tool Set

If you are working on air conditioning, fuel and transmission lines, check out this ST 9011 Nine Piece Fuel, A/C and Transmission line disconnect set from Sir Tools, Inc. It features a spring lock and new improved slip-on coupling design.The set includes the following sizes: (3) 3/8, (2) 5/16, (2) 1/2 (1) 5/8 and (1) 3/4 [...]

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Sir Tool HO 70

Sir Tools makes a great line of specialty automotive tools for Honda and Acura and the pricing is much lower than other sources. Its always recommended automotive technicians use the proper automotive tools for today's Honda and Acura cars and trucks, so be sure and check out the HO 70 from Sir Tools.The Honda & [...]

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Telescoping "Snap" Gauges

Telescoping "Snap" Gauges are used to quickly measure the inside of a cylinder. Spring loaded, you put your snap gauge inside of the cylinder, open up the gauge and snap it until it hits the wall. Next, close it off and lock in into that position. Once you have locked the telescoping snap gauge into [...]

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Ford Triton Spark Plug Extractor

The two piece spark plugs in Ford Triton 5.4 liter motors, 2004 and newer, have been discovered to often present a problem when the mechanic starts to pull the spark plugs. The insulator frequently breaks and then you need a special tool to extract the spark plugs.ATD makes two tools that can help you resolve [...]

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Lisle 65000 Spark Plug Thread Insert

The Lisle 65000 replaces stripped spark plug threads on aluminum heads with 14mm spark plugs.Installs a new spark plug thread insert in original thread location. Set includes one-piece drill tap, long tap holder, short tap holder, insert installer, swedger and handle. Includes three insert sizes: 5/16, 7/16 and 11/16 inch. Additional inserts are available as [...]

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ATD 4033 Body and Fender Spoon Set 3 pc.

This three piece body and fender spoon set from ATD contains a light dinging spoon, long curved spoon, long handled spoon dolly and comes in a red molded storage case.Body and fender spoons are used with body and fender hammers to straighten out dents in car and truck bodies. When you are hammering on a [...]

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Counter Holder Kit

Do you have a Honda or Acura car that was made after 1990? The HO 50 from Sir Tools is a counter holder kit that can save you thousands of dollars in mechanic fees.Break Loose the crank shaft pulley / harmonic balancer bolt. This automotive tool kit was designed to properly secure the pulley from [...]

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Schley 64300 Harmonic Balancer Pulley Holder

There are no factory produced tools to work on the harmonic balancer pulleys on many Toyota and Lexus cars. Schley Products has produced the SCH 64300 Harmonic Balancer Pulley Holder to help the mechanic with this tough job. The crank bolt on Lexus and Toyota engines can be very tight, so this specialty tool will [...]

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