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Selling automotive tools since 1986 offers friendly service, a fully secured website, a secure purchasing process, super fast shipping, and good, usable tools you can count on for years to come. We are a family owned and operated tool business and have been selling in our brick and mortar store in Chico, California since 1986. We began selling tools online in 1995 and we believe we were the first online tool store internationally.

We have literally NEVER had a single problem with a credit card in the 23 years we have been selling tools online. The owner drove to the post office on Christmas Eve one year and had to stand in line for quite a long time in order to mail out a specialty tool for a young mother who desperately needed it to fix her car up in Alaska. When the owner will stand in line at the US Post Office at 4:30 PM on Christmas Eve, you know the company is truly dedicated.

We get that from our other owner, Doug Gillis, who founded the tool store in 1986. He has been known to get up out of bed at 6:00 AM on Sunday morning to go out to his garage and get his own saw to loan out to a customer who had his old saw break down on the job. We have spent the last 32 years helping our customer get their jobs and projects completed. Often those jobs are incredibly important. We sell to a long list of nationally known companies, public utilities and government agencies.

When you purchase from our online store, we never see your credit card information, which goes directly from you to our credit card processor, PayPal. Our shopping cart is the only cart recommended by, because it is a state-of-the-art, secure shopping cart. Our entire website is secure.