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Our Products sells automotive specialty tools, automotive tools, construction tools and woodworking tools. We have a store with 8,000 different tools in stock, so if you don't see a tool you are looking for, give us a call at 1-888-886-6577 or send us an email at and we'll be happy to help you find it.

We carry products from a large number of different manufacturers:

V8 Tools

We've been carrying V8 Tools for decades. V8 Tools are made in China and the manufacturer has created a line of tools that are sturdy, come with a lifetime guarantee, are safe and inventive. V8 Tools feature incredibly durable Wrench Sets, including angled wrench sets, thin wrench sets and adjustable wrenches that are just the BOMB! V8 Tools also manufactures the Dual Purpose Radiator Hose Cutter (V83001), The Mighty Worm (V83826) and dozens of other great tool products.

Whiteside Machine Company

We carry a full line of Whiteside Machine Company Router Bits that are made in the United States. We have hundreds of different WMC router bits in stock in our brick and mortar store, so be sure and check those out online.

Sir Tools

One of the first lines of tool products we began selling online was Sir Tools. These automotive specialty tools are manufactured in Asia and Europe, but they are headquartered in a town neighboring our town in Northern California. This means we can get our hands on Sir Tools easily and get them shipped out quickly.

Advanced Tool Design (ATD)

We really love the ATD line of tools, because these are tool products manufactured by a variety of sources, but they are all GOOD tools. We feel we have been shown a wonderful track record with ATD. We've sold the heck out of ATD in our brick and mortar store and have never had customers returning them. That is what the Boss wants here - tools that work and last for years to come - so selling ATD makes sense.


Diablo is a subsidiary of Freud and their saw blade products are manufactured in Italy and Switzerland. We sell Diablo saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, Forstner bits, hole saws and much more. We have six large, floor-to-ceiling displays that contain a great selection of Diablo.


We love Ernst. Ernst is made in the United States and they manufacture tool storage items. These wrench holders, socket rails, tool trays and other items are sturdy, reasonably priced, and you'll love that feeling of organization you'll get once you set your tools up in these babies.


We carry Olson Band Saw Blades, which are made in the United States. We like Olson band saw blades because the welds are the best we've seen. We don't like it when our customers buy a band saw blade from us and then the weld busts right away, so we began selling Olson and don't have that problem.

We also carry products by KD, Lisle, Assenmacher, DentFix, CTA, JET Equipment, Gray Pneumatic, Sunex, and many, many others.