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Draw Knives

Woodworking Draw Knife CollectionDoug has a draw knife in his antique tool collection that was made by Greenlee in Rockford, Illinois. It is stamped Greenlee in the center with the words "Rockford" above and the words "Ill. U.S.A" on the bottom. It has wooden handles and the blade wraps around the tops of the handles. [...]

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Ernst Socket Rails

Ernst Socket RailsDo you have trouble keeping your tools organized, whether it is in your home shop, your work shop, or on your service truck? has a solution for some of the trickiest organizational situations you may be encountering when it comes to keeping your stuff together. Mechanics hate to reach for a wrench [...]

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Solar Smart Chargers (tm)

Smart Chargers from SolarBig or small, summer or winter, no matter what type of lead acid battery it utilizes, you can charge it using one of these Smart Chargers from Solar. Charge It! is your go-to battery service tool for everything from motorcycles and jet skis to carts, trucks, SUVs and more.The Solar Smart Chargers have [...]

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Vim V230

Vim V230 U Joint Snap Ring PlierU Joint Snap Ring Plier Vim V230 are specially designed to easily remove and replace universal joint snap rings used on Hotchkiss drive shafts.Designed by an experienced automotive technician, the Vim V230 U Joint Snap Ring Plier breaks loose even highly corroded rings, then grips the ring and lift [...]

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Power Probe PPH1

Power Probe PPH1 Circuit TesterThe tool experts in our store reviewed thePower Probe PPH1 Circuit Tester, "The Hook," and are really impressed with this unit. There is no other common circuit tester on the market today that can perform the same tasks as The Hook, because this circuit tester tests voltage, amperage and activate motors, relays, [...]

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Viking Drill Bits

Viking Drill Bits carries a full line of  Viking Drill Bits and Drill Bit Sets. We've been selling Viking Drill Bits, which are also sold as Norse Drill Bits, for about ten years now in our regular walk-in store, Skyway Tool Center, Chico, California. We have sold hundreds and hundreds of these sets to farmers, ranchers, [...]

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Cutting Radiator Hose Safety

Radiator Hose Cutter The  V8 3001 radiator hose cutter set is a must-have tool for any professional shop. We have sold over 1000 of these radiator hose cutters from V8 over the past several years. Most online websites sell this hose cutter by itself with one blade. We sell this item both as a single cutter with [...]

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BRM Flex Hones

BRM Flex HonesBRM makes a wide variety of flex hones from 3/4 of an inch up to 10 inches. Made in the United States, they are preferred over a stone type cylinder hone because they put even pressure and are much easier to control. For all engine rebuilds and cylinders. The cylinders need to be honed [...]

Read More » History is the online presence for Skyway Tools, a retail tool store founded in 1986 by Doug Gillis. Doug met his wife, co-owner Sherry Gillis, in 1989 and they married in 1992. Doug originally started Skyway Tools with a partner in a very small building on the Skyway in Paradise, CA, USA. Three weeks after opening [...]

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