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Schley Pulley Holding Tool for Honda and Acura

Honda Acura Pulley Holding ToolThe Schley 60100A Pulley Holding Tool Honda and Acura Harmonic Damper was developed to help the mechanic to remove and install the crank bolt of the engines on most Honda and Acura cars. Used with a 1/2 inch breaker bar on a ratchet, this tool holds the harmonic damper pulley from [...]

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ATD 9200 Step Drill Set

Step Drill Set ATD 9200If you are drilling in thin mild steel, aluminum, copper, brass, plexiglass, wood and laminates the ATD 9200 five piece step drill set is worth considering. The tri-flat shank design gives the user a good grip in the chuck without slipping and the two flutes are great for drilling true round holes, [...]

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Cornhole Saw

Cornhole SawUsing the EazyPower 30125 6 inch Cornhole Saw is a quick and effective way to produce 6 inch holes in cornhole boards. The EazyPower 30125 Cornhole Saw is inexpensive compared to its competitors, who charge about $40 for the same item. It cuts a clean hole quickly and economically.The EazyPower 30125 includes an arbor and is [...]

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Automotive Shop Stools

ATD 81056 & ATD 81055 Shop StoolsDo you need some stools for your automotive shop? Shop stools are nice to have in your automotive repair shop, because it gives you something to sit on when you are working at your bench and its also nice to have something for a friend to sit on when [...]

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Hood Ornament Collection

Hood Ornament Collection Display in Tool owner Doug Gillis has been collecting hood ornaments since he was in his twenties and now has an impressive collection of almost 100 hood ornaments. In fact, one of the jokes in the Gillis family all through the years was Doug telling our daughter, "I'll give you five [...]

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ATD 81010 Hydraulic Creeper Seat

Hydraulic Creeper Seat ATD 81010 The ATD 81010 Hydraulic Creeper Seat is a big seller at, but also in our walk-in automotive tool store in Chico, California, USA. It has five casters, which makes it really stable to roll around on. It can be adjusted high and low and the range is suitable for a [...]

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Tools Sold Here

More Tool Store focuses on selling automotive tools and automotive specialty tools to customers worldwide. When the parent company, Skyway Tool Center, began selling tools in 1986 we sold more of a generalized inventory of tools. With the advent of companies like Home Depot and other big box stores that sell tools, we decided [...]

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Sir Tools B90 Wheel Bearing & Hub R&R Kit

Sir Tools B90 Master KitSir Tools B90 Wheel Bearing and Hub R&R KitThe Sir Tools B90 Wheel Bearing and Hub R&R Kit is the perfect setup for your garage. Bleed any car with the Sir Tools B90. These sets are professionally designed to efficiently remove and install hub and wheel bearings of spindle assemblies. We have sub-kits [...]

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AC Delco ARZ 604 6V Alkaline Inspection Camera

The inspection camera written about in this article has been discontinued.  Find other inspection cameras here.The AC Delco ARZ 604 6V Alkaline Inspection Camera has a very small head on it that allows the user to get into small holes and view inside small areas like spark plugs, vacuum lines, water lines and more. This tool [...]

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Sustainable tools

There is a lot of talk these days about “sustainable” products and that got me thinking the other night about the sustainability of quality tools versus throwaway tools. Unlike many other segments of society, tools were made to be sustainable before the concept of sustainability was even created. Your parents and grandparents knew more about [...]

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