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V8 8307 Super Thin Combination Wrench Set, 7 pc

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V8 Tools (V8 8307)
4.00 LBS

V8 8307 Super Thin Wrench Set, SAE

Looking for a great, reliable and strong set of super thin combination wrenches for working in tight spaces?  This super thin wrench set by V8 Tools is made for both the professional mechanic and home use, construction and other applications.

  • 7 piece combination super thin wrench set in standard sizes
  • Comes in a sturdy heavy duty plastic pouch that will protect your wrenches, roll up and tie when not in use
  • Sizes: SAE; 3/8" x 7/16", 1/2" x 9/16", 5/8" x l-1/16", 3/4" x l-3/16", 7/8" x 15/16", 1 "x 1-1/16" 1-1 /8"x l -1/4"
  • Wrench head thickness run from 2.6mm to 3.7mm
  • Heat treated, these wrenches are made from high strength manganese alloy steel and are tempered for maximal strength
  • Reasonably priced and free shipping within the United States
  • We have been selling wrenches made by V8 Tools in our store for 30 years and our customers love them.  We love them because we never get returns.
  • Lifetime guarantee

V8 8307

Lifetime Warranty