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Viking 92430 Left Hand 1/16 Spiral Drills - Type 240-AL-Drill Bit

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Viking 92430
0.50 LBS

Viking Left Hand Spiral Drills - Type 240-AL 92430

Special Hi-Molybdenum tool steel.

  • 135� split point for fast penetration and accurate starting without center punch.
  • Precision ground point, flutes, body, clearance and drill diameter for the ultimate in accuracy and performance.
  • Body and clearance are gold surface treated for maximum lubricity.
  • Ideal for drilling broken studs.
  • Need for screw and bolt extractor may be eliminated.
  • Left hand spiral drill may loosen the bolt stud while drilling a hole for use of the screw and bolt extractor
  • Diameter: 1/16
  • Overall length: 1 7/8
  • Flute length: 7/8

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    viking 92430