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UVW 332010 Leak Detection Kit, Spotgun Jr Universal Hydraulic Flaring Tool

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UVW 332010
11/9/2006 9:53
3.00 LBS
Introductory Leak Detection Kit for A/C Professionals
  • New LED-Lite, a compact fluorescent leak detection light with 6 LEDs to illuminate all UV leak detection dyes.
  • Services up to 10 vehicles.Kit Includes:
  • Spotgun Jr. injector
  • LED fluorescent leak detection light with 6 LEDs (3 AA batteries included)
  • Universal A/C dye cartridge (certified to SAE J-2297 standard)
  • R-134a adapter
  • R-12 adapter
  • UV protection glasses
  • Service stickers
  • Lifetime warranty on every injection gun.
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