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Ernst Manufacturing Red Magnetic Socket Organizer With 1/4" Twist Lock Clips

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Ernst Manufacturing Red Socket Organizer With 15 1/4" Twist Lock Clips

The Ernst Manufacturing Red Socket Organizer With 1/2" Twist Lock Clips takes the Ernst organization system to another level because it is equally suitable for the tool box and field tool sets.  The Twist Lock Socket Clips can hold sockets by gravity alone for tool box use or by locking force for field use. The Socket Organizer accommodates a wide variety of different tools and allows for immediate recognition of a missing tool. The red color patently identifies the type of tools attached thereto, such as SAE sockets. The Twist Lock Socket Clips are easily repositioned to suit different preferences and tool sizes, and can be inserted between Socket Clips already attached to the rail. Individual Socket Clips may also be removed without disassembling the entire Socket Organizer. Socket Clips of different drive sizes may be fitted to the same Socket Organizer. Twin serrated edges on the Socket Organizer provide for two-sided socket and accessory attachment, as well as prevent the Socket Clips from repositioning inadvertently during transport in field tool sets, when sockets are removed, or when the Socket Organizer is hung vertically. Additional Socket Clips and other attachments snap onto one or both sides of the Socket Organizer for greatest use of space. A slotted hang hole permits the Socket Organizer to be hung vertically for convenient storage in confined work areas. The Red Socket Organizer comes with 15, 1/4" drive Twist Lock Socket Clips, as well as 96 identification decals for easy socket identification in crowded tool boxes and easy identification of missing tools.