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Tools Sold Here

Tools Sold Here

Posted by Sherry Gillis on Jan 27th 2016

More Tool Store History focuses on selling automotive tools and automotive specialty tools to customers worldwide. When the parent company, Skyway Tool Center, began selling tools in 1986 we sold more of a generalized inventory of tools. With the advent of companies like Home Depot and other big box stores that sell tools, we decided to narrow our inventory to specialize in automotive tools in 1994.

We shifted the inventory to sell to automotive mechanics and homeowners working on their own cars, automobiles and trucks and created an automotive tool section and an automotive specialty tool section in our store.

We began selling online in 1995 with our original online tool store and featured general tools for sale. About a year later shifted its focus to featuring automotive tools and automotive specialty tools. We ship automotive tools worldwide. We specialize in finding automotive tools and specialty tools that might be a little difficult for the customer to find and in being willing to ship automotive tools around the world. We try as hard as we can to ship out our automotive tool orders as quickly as possible in order to get the automotive tool to the customer in need.