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Sir Tool HO 70

Sir Tool HO 70

Posted by Sherry Gillis on Jan 26th 2016

Sir Tools makes a great line of specialty automotive tools for Honda and Acura and the pricing is much lower than other sources. Its always recommended automotive technicians use the proper automotive tools for today's Honda and Acura cars and trucks, so be sure and check out the HO 70 from Sir Tools.

The Honda & Acura Bonus Kit from Sir Tool HO 70 is a special kit assembled for the professional Honda & Acura Technician, as well as the serious shadetree mechanic. This kit consists of Sir Tool Part#'s Sir Tools HO 50 & Sir Tools HO 60, which share the same two and a half foot long securing bar.

This kit is used to properly counter the rotation of the crank shaft pulley / harmonic balancer during R&R of crank bolt. The Sir Tools HO 50 is applicable on Honda and Acura models, '90+; with a 50mm hex slot in crank shaft pulley/harmonic balancer. Sir Tools HO 60 is applicable on model - Civic, '80s+.