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Schley 88550 Fan Clutch Wrench

Schley 88550 Fan Clutch Wrench

Posted by Sherry Gillis on Jan 26th 2016

The Schley 88550 36mm Fan Clutch Wrench for Cummins is a universal tool has been designed to service Mercedes Benz radiator fans and pulley belts. The three-in-one design allows servicing three separate areas of repair, all of which requires a specialty tool due to their confined locations.

The first component is a 10MM hex bit (91210-2) for adjusting the air conditioning belt tension, as well as removing and installing the the idler pulley which controls this tension. For use on 1986 and later 420 and 560 cars with V8 engines. This hex must be a precise length to fit in the confined area and have a reduced diameter in order to clear the pulley. An additional benefit of this tool's design is that the 10MM hex is replaceable.

The second component is a 1/2" square drive allowing 17 and 19MM sockets to be attached for adjusting the mono belt tension on 1985 and later, 190, 260 and 300 series cars with 4 and 6 cylinder engines. In operation this specialty flat tool fits in these confined areas and loosens the power steering pump, which controls the belt tension.

The third component is an 8MM hex bit (91210-3) for removing and installing the front viscous fan on 190 and 300 series cars with 6 cylinder engines. This tool is a must for this job, as it fits between the radiator and fan and eliminates the need to R&R the radiator. An additional benefit of this tool's design is that the 8MM hex is replaceable. A separate fan clutch locking tool (see below) is required to hold the fan from turning while the 8mm hex fastener is being loosened