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PEX PVC Rubber Hose Cutting Tool

PEX PVC Rubber Hose Cutting Tool

Posted by Sherry Gillis on Jan 26th 2016

We no longer carry the pipe cutter described in this blog.  That pipe cutter has been superceded by the ATD 906 Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter.

This week we stocked our online tool store with PEX PVC Rubber Hose Cutting Tools that cut hose up to one inch in diameter. We've been selling the V8 3001 Dual Purpose Radiator Hose Cutters for many years online, and those are great for the person who wants to cut larger hose. But these smaller hose cutter tools are a pretty sweet deal for cutting smaller hoses. 

We were surprised at their quality when they arrived at our tool store yesterday and we are anxious to share them with the public. We have about 1000 of these in our warehouse, so feel free to call us or send an email and let us know if you want to buy a quantity of these hose cutters. As always, the shipping is free if you are in the 48 United States and you spend $150 in our store, so keep that in mind while tool shopping.

Many times a guy will use his utility or other knife to cut hose, not realizing he can cut off his finger doing it that way. It is not a safe way to handle a hose cut and its not worth what you could put yourself through by using the wrong tool. Using a hose cutter eliminates the need for you to cut the hose with your fingers holding on to the hose close to the cutting action.

We tested these on several pieces of hose we had around the store and MAN! - it cut through the hose like it was butter. So if you are in the market for a hose cutting tool, check out the low price for this item.