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Ford Triton Spark Plug Extractor

Jan 26th 2016

The two piece spark plugs in Ford Triton 5.4 liter motors, 2004 and newer, have been discovered to often present a problem when the mechanic starts to pull the spark plugs. The insulator frequently breaks and then you need a special tool to extract the spark plugs.

ATD makes two tools that can help you resolve this type of problem in the Ford Triton. They make the ATD 5402, which is a kit, and works to extract frozen and broken-off spark plug sleeves in '04 to present Ford Triton Engines . The specially machined guide works with an extra long tap and extractor to make sure the job is done right.

ATD also makes the ATD 5403, which is a smaller set. Used to extract porcelain from broken spark plugs in 2003 to current Ford Triton Engines. This tool adheres to the broken porcelain using a special Loctite and allows the user to extract the porcelain from the sleeve. The ATD 5403 uses glue to pull the insulator out, but that doesn't always work if you've got a really difficult piece to pull out. The guys who work in Skyway Tool Center think the 5402 is better because it is a larger kit and has a better capability of extracting a larger piece that might not stick to the glue in the 5403.

In summary, use the ATD 5403 if you have small pieces of broken porcein, but you need the ATD 5402 to extract frozen or broken-off spark plug sleeves. carries both the ATD 5402 and the ATD 5403 Ford Triton Spark Plug Extractor Kits and our pricing is lower than any other website we've found online.

ATD 5402
ATD 5403