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Cutting Radiator Hose Safety

Cutting Radiator Hose Safety

Posted by Sherry Gillis on Jan 28th 2016

Radiator Hose Cutter

The  V8 3001 radiator hose cutter set is a must-have tool for any professional shop. We have sold over 1000 of these radiator hose cutters from V8 over the past several years. Most online websites sell this hose cutter by itself with one blade. We sell this item both as a single cutter with one blade, but also as a set with one radiator hose cutter, one blade and the mounting bracket.

We really began to sell these by the hundreds when one of our larger clients had a disability claim due to an injury that occurred when their employee used a regular pocket knife to cut a radiator hose while out on his service truck repairing a big rig. He actually cut off a finger using his knife, so the company searched to find a safe alternative to using a regular knife to cut a radiator hose and found this safe and easy dual purpose radiator hose cutter set. It is safer to use because when it is on the mounting bracket, the hose is inserted and leaves no room for the user's fingers to get in between the hose and the blade.

Mounting bracket

We include the  V8 30010 mounting bracket in our set, which is really convenient for both the user and shop manager. The mounting bracket holds on to the cutter and keeps it attached to the user's service truck. You can mount it on a flat surface on your truck or along the truck's service box wall. This serves several purposes, because not only will it keep the cutter stationary so that you become accustomed to using it at a specific angle, but you also won't lose the cutter when you have it screwed in by the mounting bracket to your service truck. Travel Centers of America and Nestle Foods buy these by the dozens and hundreds from us to ensure their employees have a safe work environment.

Replacement blades

The blades for the V8 3001 are  V8 30011 and are easy to use in replacing old blades in the V8 3001 radiator hose cutter. The V8 30011 radiator hose cutter blades are made of sturdy aluminum alloy steel under the supervision of V8 Tools and last quite a while. We wish the companies that bought them from us called back a little quicker to reorder, but unfortunately for us, they last a long, long time. The V8 3001, 30011 and 30010 is also packaged as an ATD Tool brand, ATD 901 Radiator Hose Cutter, ATD 902 Replacement Alloy Blade and ATD 904 Mounting Bracket. These are the same products, made by the same company and sold through Advanced Tool Design, or ATD Tools.
V8 3001 Radiator Hose Cutter Set