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Automotive Shop Stools

Automotive Shop Stools

Posted by Sherry Gillis on Jan 27th 2016

ATD 81056 & ATD 81055 Shop Stools

Do you need some stools for your automotive shop? Shop stools are nice to have in your automotive repair shop, because it gives you something to sit on when you are working at your bench and its also nice to have something for a friend to sit on when they stop by to check out what you are doing with your ride.

Advanced Tool Design makes two good shop stools - the ATD 81056 Shop Stool with Flame Design and the ATD 81055 Shop Stool with Checker Design Shop Stools. The ATD 81055 has a checkered black and white pattern on the seat vinyl and the ATD 81056 has flames on the seat vinyl. Both stools have chromed metal legs, are sturdy and have a heavy vinyl covering the seat of the stool.

Shop Stool Flames

We have several of these shop stools in our walk-in store for - Skyway Tool Center - and our customers sit on these stools when they come up to the counter and are waiting for one of our reps to look up a tool in our catalogs. What we've also found nice about these stools in our tool store is that when a customer comes in with his wife, she can sit there and wait for him - or if a customer comes in that is disabled or elderly, they can sit at the counter on the stool while they are buying their tools.

The ATD 81055 and the ATD 81056 are sturdy and have a cool, automotive related design, so check out our low price on these shop stools.