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ATD 4033 Body and Fender Spoon Set 3 pc.

Jan 26th 2016

This three piece body and fender spoon set from ATD contains a light dinging spoon, long curved spoon, long handled spoon dolly and comes in a red molded storage case.

Body and fender spoons are used with body and fender hammers to straighten out dents in car and truck bodies. When you are hammering on a car panel or fender, the spoon or dolly rests on the other side of the panel from the hammer iin order to reinforce the metal. It keeps the metal straight on one side so you can tap on the other side of the car panel and smooth out the dent.

These spoon dollies can be used in places that are hard to reach, like behind a tail light, for example. When your arm isn't long enough for you to be able to reach into your project area, you can extend your reach with the spoon dolly handle and use it to reinforce the metal.