Sir Tool HO 70 Honda & Acura Counter Holder Master Bonus Kit

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Sir Tool HO70
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Sir Tool HO 70 Honda & Acura Bonus Kit

  • Special kit assembled for the professional Honda & Acura Technician consisting of Part#'s HO 50 & HO 60, which sahre the same 2.5 foot long securing bar.
  • Needed to properly counter the rotation of the crank shaft pulley / harmonic balancer during R&R of crank bolt.
  • HO 50 is applicable on Honda and Acura models, '90+,with a 50mm hex slot in crank shaft pulley/harmonic balancer. HO 60 is applicable on model - Civic, '80s+.

Sir Tool HO 70
Sir Tools HO 70
Sir Tool HO70
Sir Tools HO70