Sir Tool 2727 Universal Cam Spoke Lock-Vice

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Sir Tool 2727
2.00 LBS
Needed for the crucial task of securing twin cam pulleys from rotating during the R&R of timing belt. Fully adjustable, this tool comes complete with 1 pair 8 and 1 pair 4.5 long, Left/Right hand threaded rods. The shorter needed for confined spaces where the rods might interfere with the fire-wall or other auto part. Fully constricted onto the spokes of the cam pulleys and locking down the securing wing nuts, reveals a 6 point locking mechanism. This tool will remain rigid, not allowing for any movement of cams, saving your timing. With Quad cam pulley engines 2 sets of tool #2727 are needed to complete the task. Applicable: All Twin or Quad cam engines equipped with a timing belt pulley sprocket on each cam shaft,excluding Suburu.Sir Tool 2727
Sir Tools 2727
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