Schley 88550 Fan Clutch Wrench 36mm Cummins

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SCH 88550
1.00 LBS

Schley 88550 Fan Clutch Wrench, 36mm, for Cummins

  • The Schley fan clutch wrench, 36mm, for Cummins.
  • These tools were designed to hold the viscous fan coupling from turning while tool #91210 loosens the 8MM socket hex fastener without removing the radiator.
  • #88550 is used with 1994 and later C220, 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engines.
  • #88550 was designed with a 15 degree head angle and all the locking tools are heat-treated to maintain dimensional integrity.
  • To read about Schley's Fan Clutch Locking Tools

SCH 88550