Schley 65130 Bushing Extractor for Honda & Acura

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SCH 65130
11/9/2006 9:53
10.00 LBS
  • Schley 65130 Bushing Extractor for Honda & Acura
  • Easily and quickly remove and install trailing arm bushings in 15 minutes per side versus the factory book time of 1.8 hours per side.
  • No removing the trailing arm from the vehicle and using ahydraulic press.
  • No need to disconnect brake parts such as calipers, rotors,brake shoes, brake fluid lines and emergency brake cables.
  • Works on:Honda; Civic 1988-2000, CRX 1988-1991, Del Sol 1993-1997Acura; Integra 1994-2001, Honda CRV 1991-2001
  • Refer to factory specifications for proper bushing installation depth.

Schley 65130
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