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Schley 62100 BMW 32mm Fan Clutch Wrench

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SCH 62100
1/25/2008 17:21
2.00 LBS

  • For 3, 5 , 7 & 8 Series BMW Applications
  • This heavy duty 32 mm wrench has been designed with extra length, a total of 17inches, to allow the technician to easily reach down to the fan clutch hex coupler
  • The beefy design provides plenty of strength and leverage to loosen the toughest hex couplers.
  • This tools works handily with the SCH61600 Universal Fan Clutch Pulley Holding Tool.
  • The heavy duty 32 mm wrench works on all models while the MS6160 universal holding tool works on all except the 4.0L & 4.4L V-8 engines.
  • Made from heat treated steel this wrench comes with a soft grip handle
SCH62100 SCH 62100 SCHLEY62100 SCHLEY 62100
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