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Save Phace Protective Warpig Helmet

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SAV 3011704
4.00 LBS

Save Phace protective welding helmet with 180 degree welding lens, 'Warpig,' has features you will love when you are working in your shop or garage. The features of this welding helmet are as follows:

  • 4 Sensor High Quality Auto Darkening Filter (ADF)
  • This welding helmet has controls for the sensitivity, delay and ground
  • Low Battery Warning And Grind Flash Indicator
  • Better Air Flow than ANY Other Helmet, Internal Adjustments, Fully Automatic, Low Battery Warning
  • Lower Profile than ANY Other Helmet In The World
  • The Helmet Is Made With High Heat Nylon
  • Light State = Shade 4, Dark State = Shades Are Adjustable 9-13!
  • Includes 2 BONUS Flex Fit Front Protective Lenses
  • Weighs About 23 Oz,
  • 37 Month Warranty on The ADF Filter
More importantly, this welding helmet has the Warpig camouflage really cool design on it, which means you can hide from your wife, boss, kids or stalker when out in the garage, out in the shop, or out in the woods!