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OTC 1043 2 Jaw Adjustable 14in 17-1/2 Ton Mechanical Grip-O-Matic Puller

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OTC 1043
1/25/2008 17:20
22.00 LBS
  • This 2/3 jaw puller has a 17-1/2 ton capacity
  • Maximum reach: 14-1/2in; Maximum spread: 14in
  • Screw size: 1in-14 x 13-1/2in Jaw thickness: 13/16, Jaw Width: 1-9/32in
  • Long jaw

OTC has developed a complete line of gear and bearing pullers, enabling you to remove and install parts for fast effective repairs. The pullers are forged from quality steel, treated and subjected to rigorous tests which exceed their rated capacity.