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Lisle Diesel Filter Wrench for 5' DAVCO

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2.00 LBS
  • Specially Designed Wrenches for Removing and Replacing the Main Filter Collar as well as the Vent Cap on Aftermarket Diesel Fuel Filter Systems.
  • 5' wrench with a unique half-moon design provide easier access to the fuel filter.
  • High strength steel prevents the wrench from flexing while loosening stubborn filter collars.
  • 5' wrench works on any diesel engine with fuel flow rates up to 60 gph, Class 4, 5, & 6 trucks, pickup trucks, refrigeration units and some Biodiesel applications.
  • Wrench is also available in 6'-61110 and 8'-61130
  • Lifetime warranty except abuse or neglect


    Item# 26460