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Lisle 54300 Swivel Grip Oil Filter Wrench for Caterpillar Engines

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LIS 54300
1/25/2008 17:19
1.00 LBS
  • For truck size filters
  • Swivel Grip handle makes it easy to turn in tight spots!
  • Tough, stainless steel bands with special teeth for extra gripping power ... won’t slip
  • Handle swivels to clear obstructions
  • Made of tubular steel for increased strength
  • Gripper teeth and wide stainless steel band for better grip on filter
  • Size range is 5.25in to 5.75in filter size
  • Range: 5-1/4in' to 5-3/4in
LIS54300 LIS 54300 LISLE54300 LISLE 54300