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Dent Fix Equipment Ding Massager Deluxe Kit DTF-DF-DM550DX

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10.00 LBS

Dent Fix Equipment Ding Massager Deluxe Kit DTF-DF-DM550DX

Glue pullers are an excellent method for removing dings and small dents from OEM paint 
• When access to the back panel is not possible glue pullers are the only means of PDR repair 
• This kit includes a slide hammer for a more powerful pull on thicker metals, including steel and aluminum 
• The squeeze puller allows for a massaging action that helps release the tension in the metal, allowing for a quicker more successful pull 
• The specially formulated hot glue provides for strong adhesion yet easy removal using the release agent 
• Kit includes: 
• Squeeze Puller 
• Slide Hammer 
• 34mm x 22mm Small Oval Pulling Nib 
• 40mm x 22mm Medium Oval Pulling Nib 
• 48mm x 32mm Large Oval Pulling Nib 
• 20mm Small Round Pulling Nib 
• 35mm Medium Round Pulling Nib 
• 40mm Large Round Pulling Nib 
• 15mm Small Convex Pulling Nib 
• 20mm Medium Convex Pulling Nib 
• 25mm Large Convex Pulling Nib 
• 120V Glue Gun 
• Plastic Scraper Stick 
• (9) Glue Sticks 
• Blow Molded Case


Aluminum Approved = Aluminum Approved