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BMW Injector Puller Schley 11800

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SCH 11800
1.00 LBS

Why spend excess time using the factory produced tool when you are going to have to manipulate it down and go around the injector? You can remove those injectors on a six or eight cylinder in a much more efficient and quick way with the Schley 11800 injector puller that is specially made for all BMW cars with direct injection. When you use the factory tools, you've got to work a hook underneath the injector in order to pull it up. The Schley 1800 enables the mechanic to screw the injector puller to the top of the inector and with a couple of taps with the slider, pull that injector out quickly and in a timely manner. This tool is so economical because it will save you a great deal time monkeying around with the injector, in fact, this handy tool will pay for itself within the first few uses on a 6 cylinder engine, but pay for itself the very first time you use it on an 8 cylinder engine. Made specially to get out the injectors on ALL BMW's that have direct injection. For V8 twin turubo engines, BMW supplies a tool to remove the injectors, but the Schley 11800, because it is made so compactly, lets you to both install and pull out the injectors, really cutting down your work time.
Schley 11800

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