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ATD 3390 Master Fuel Line, A/C, and Heater Disconnect Set

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ATD 3390
2.00 LBS

Check out this cool Master Disconnect Tool Set, the ATD 3390. This disconnect set was designed to easily separate the quick disconnnect and spring lock couplers on a lot of today's late model vehicles. There are special disconnect tools for manhy of the oil cooler lines, fuel lines, heater hoses and heater lines on Chrysler, Ford and GM cars and trucks. This 25 piece set comes in a sturdy plastic carrying case and the disconnect tools are approved by vehicle manufacturers and are designed specifically to not damage fittings. Disconnect air conditioning, heater hoses, automatic transmission cooler lines, fuel lines and more

  • 3/8', 1/2', 5/8' and 3/4' A/C spring locking coupler tools
  • Fuel line disconnect tools for Chrysler, Ford and GM
  • The clutch coupling tool used for Ford
  • Heater hose disconnect tool set for Chrysler and Ford
  • A universal fuel line disconnect tool for use on a variety of vehicles
  • 3/8' and 1/2' fuel line spring locking coupling tools
  • 5/16' and 3/8' fuel line diconnect tools
  • Quick disconnect tool for GM and Ford
  • Oil cooler line disconnect tool for Ford
  • A Ford fuel line coupling tool
  • The heater hose disconnect tool used for Ford
  • And the heater line quick connect separator tool used for GM
You could spend significantly more to buy this set by another manufacturer, but ATD is a competent manufacturer of automotive specialty tools. and their brick and mortar tool store in Chico, Skyway Tool Center, have been selling ATD since their inception and we've always had a great experience with the ATD brand of tools. We know from working closely with mechanics in our area that we almost never have ATD tools returned to our store.