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1/4" Beam Type Torque Wrench 0-80 In/Lbs (0-9Nm)

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Titan 23140 Torque Wrench 

1/4” Dr. Beam Type Torque Wrench 23140 • 0-80 In/Lbs (0-9 Nm) • To ensure accuracy, verify that the pointer is aligned with the “0” calibration mark. • The torque beam must float above the scale and not touch the scale at any point. • If needed, the torque beam can be repositioned by gently bending back into place. • Before attaching torque wrench, hand tighten fasteners until snug. • The handle of the torque wrench should be held between index finger and thumb applying force to the center of the handle. • Turning motion should slow as resistance increases and stop once the desired torque measurement is met. • Torque measurements must be read from directly above the pointer. Do not read measurements from an angled position. • For better accuracy, torque measurements should be met while the fastener is in the turning motion.
  • 0-80 In / Lbs (0-9 Nm)
  • Works with right and left hand thread fasteners
  • Deflection beam torque wrenches do not wear or fatigue over the lifetime of the tool insuring increased accuracy