ATD 5483 Master In-Line Flaring Tool Set

ATD 5483 Master In-Line Flaring Tool Set

If you want a set that will enable you to do 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 inch single and double flares, as well as 4.75, 6 and 8 millimeter double, bubble and single flares, then check out the ATD 5483 Master In-Line Flaring Set. When you use this set you will realize that the way it is designed allows you to lock the adapters, cone and tube in a straight line without breaking your adapter. There is less of an opportunity for the tube to slip out of the clamp, because there is pressure on the tube from the setscrews and clamp and you'll find that the life span of your clamp will be greatly increased since the teeth won't be worn down from repeated slippage. Because of the slim design on this tool, it enables the mechanic to create flares on the car in a variety of cramped spots, including spaces in the engine compartment and along the frame's rails. This will save the mechanic quite a bit of time, since they won't have to remove parts or lines to make the necessary repairs on a project. In addition, we have found ATD to be a terrific line of automotive tools in our walk-in store, which is located in Northern California. We sell this flaring tool set to mechanics, farmers, ranchers and homeowners and have had good feedback about the reliability, durability and ease of use.

ATD 5483
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